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Archangel Jophiel #101

Archangel Jophiel #101

color: Light blue/light olive green

when mixed together: light blue green

energy center: The fourth and fifth energy centers (heart and throat chakras)


theme: Embodying the emotional side of our being. The process of opening the heart.


positive personality: The new surprise of the heart, the development of the mind. The possibility of a genuine upliftment of the mind into a new state of harmony. Increased awareness allows us to see multiple sides of things. A person who can truly be true to his feelings in the world by connecting with the feeling level of his being. A trustworthy person who communicates with people from the heart and intuition. This person has gone through all boundaries.


Aspects that can be improved: Intense envy and jealousy cause lack of conscious awareness. This bottle helps overcome difficult issues associated with feeling incompetent and not good enough. It helps to see clearly all the limited views and limited understandings that need to be overcome so that the hearts can open between people. It is through the heart that it is possible to discover new levels of trust.


spiritual level: To trust the intuitive side of the inner female, we can enter another layer of our being. This is the real beginning of a new possibility for a new century.


psychological level: Helps to overcome judgment and thus find peace from the subconscious and unconscious mind. Because of the gentle nature of this bottle, we can safely begin to recognize that some of our old, outdated attitudes and assumptions often rule our lives in the dark, hidden corners of our experience.


emotional level: Aids in a deeper connection with our emotions so our emotions can reach a higher purpose.


Application area: Around the heart and throat.

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