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Archangel Michael #094

Archangel Michael #094

color: Light blue/light yellow

when mixed together: light green

energy center: The third and fifth energy centers (stomach and throat chakras)


theme: Higher Will Meets Small Will (Meeting with Divinity)

positive personality: The person has knowledge, awareness and insight into motives and desires. Can trust in Providence and listen to the higher will. Able to perceive the needs of others, sense from the heart, and convey messages and energy from heaven to the gods and creatures at all levels. The person is not overly identified with the sensations of the senses, nor is he overly identified with the stages in which he is. There is a deep sense of stillness inside and outside the body, and the ability to communicate this feeling to others.


Aspects that can be improved: The person may be in a state of extreme fear without being aware of it, which may indicate that the fear is particularly related to the masculine side of the person. Any authority figures may be involved after being exposed, and if internalized, they will be afraid of the inner side that emphasizes rational analysis. That said, the person may be subject to irrational fears, especially when it comes to speaking the truth, the truth, or specific trust issues. It may also indicate difficulty finding a sense of direction, inability to make decisions, and uncertainty about the future.


spiritual level: The ability to find inner and outer peace, to examine fears in the heart from a compassionate perspective, and to nourish the inner depths. This means that they can accept themselves and others with a pure heart. Such a person has a clear mind, a sense of justice, and can measure situations and others with compassion and tolerance. Discriminating, engaging with situations with genuine affection. Has the ability to cheer up those who are not strong enough, and others will come to you when they are struggling.


psychological level: It may represent a very clear mind, high intelligence, and can express clearly. The ability to seek the truth, to know oneself and others as they really are, and as things really are.


emotional level: Can relax oneself, calm the mind, and experience deep joy and clarity. Able to understand and empathize with the emotions and experiences of oneself or others. High understanding, often feel the support of God, and can also help others.


convinced: Just let go of fear, and indescribable peace emerges.

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