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Archangel Tzaphkiel #107

Archangel Tzaphkiel #107

color:opalescent blue-green/deep purple

When mixed together:deep purple

Energy Center:1st, 4th and 7th chakras (root, heart and crown chakras)

theme:Love and Truth (Safikil's Message)


Safekiel helps us glimpse the mysteries of love and truth from the past to the future, so we can fully reveal who we are in this lifetime. So she invites us to expand our sense of love until there is determination and commitment to love. This expanding love is an ocean of compassion and we become it with all we have and with all we can. It asks us to be the path of love and not to leave that path. This very present love not only requires us to animate the whys and hows of the small and big events we face every day, but also promotes and expands our personal individuality to cooperate with the individuality of everyone around us, and ultimately It is to evolve the hearts of the collective world.


    If truth is our purpose, then love is the path that can illuminate how to express it. Safekiel is here to help us regenerate and accelerate our connection to our calling. She can help us unwind from old karmic patterns and scrambling efforts. When we become overly identified with, and exhausted by, our circumstances—out of sight of our larger mission—the teal portion of the bottle of salvation invites us to open gracefully and magically allow ourselves to simply step into a life of mission fulfillment ilk.


    A heart that is not heard or expressed becomes heavy and immobile. Safekiel evokes many questions of love and truth - do we love what we do? Or do we do something that we don't love, or because we don't love ourselves, we can't love what we do? Safekiel acts as a Godmother to support and protect us with compassion so we can allow our hearts to recover and express love through what we do and the way we do it.


The energy of Safikir expresses the deepest divine feminine part, nourishment and protection. Don't have to work hard, but allow and accept yourself to express "I am my life itself". Love comes with a light presence, expressed naturally without having to deal nervously with fear, reluctance, shame or feelings of self-worthlessness and allowing these to take over our lives. This is indeed an era in which the unique and special color of "love is in existence" appears. Each of us is born to illuminate this world. This is a world that desperately needs us all to be filled with "love and truth".


Application area:Body Parts Corresponding to Energy Centers,around the abdomen, chest, and head

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