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Archangel Jeremiel #108

Archangel Jeremiel #108

color:mid-tone blue-green/middle-tone olive

When mixed together:Mid-tone blue-green with mid-tone olive

Energy Center:The fourth and fourth semi-energy center (heart chakra)

theme:Clarity of insight, creative communication of the heart


Jeremiah is seen as a companion in transition from one stage to another. As the soul ascends after the end of life, Jeremiah oversees this transition, bringing peace and grace to the situation through the guardian angel and other angels present. A guardian who let go of the past!


    Jeremiah is an archangel with a lot of empathy, deep intuition. Help us reach the golden within and be able to refine that which is beneath the olive green. Letting go of the past with a loving and tender perspective that allows us to come to times of change and worthwhile goals. Both consciousness and ideal life in our awakening bring a vision or inspiration like premonition assistance, an essential sense of clarity - renewed enthusiasm and confidence after a loss of identity.


    When we look deeply at the middle tone of blue-green, which is between light blue-green and blue-green, we are strengthening the "creative communication of the heart" in the form of media communication, and we are also in contact with other levels of communication. This is especially helpful to support those who are in the process of personalizing and going on their own inner journey. It was the base color of the bottle - a midtone between light olive green and olive green - Jeremiah, when we met occasionally during our journey. It is grief that has been said much in the past and can be seen as a gift that, once revealed, reveals the possibility that new truths, new feelings of hope may emerge. If we connect with it, then face it directly - face the grief to move through past losses - the sense of betrayal, not being in the right relationship with ourselves and the way we think we are with ourselves in the present moment that we are on a journey. Then, facing a new dawn, a new hope, a new possibility begins to occur, simultaneously bringing about a rebirth in this personal journey and doing the right thing in the right place at the right time.


    If we look back through time, we can glean lessons that have been learned in the past, and if these lessons are appreciated in the right context, there may be a silver lining to them. Much of Jeremiah's energy is dealing with looking back and giving hope. The encounter with Jeremir will change our vision and perception of life, so some entangled or tense thoughts and feelings begin to become clear, allowing us to see the situation and life situation from a different angle, a different clarity Spend. Helps us use the insight of the prophetic instinct to perceive the future, to re-evaluate the situation in the process of change, to be able to join in looking back and re-evaluating what has happened, and to come to a situation based on deeper insights that emerge from the situation in which we find ourselves. perspective clarity.

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