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Archangel Chamael#104

Archangel Chamael#104

color: Pearl pink/fuchsia

when mixed together:

Subject: "It is as it is"


Application area: Anywhere on the body, especially around the stomach and abdomen.


The point of this bottle: This bottle helps us find our inner compassion and have warmth, love and caring to share with others. By accepting ourselves with love and compassion, it is possible to bring about peace and harmony. Finding space within us can help us care for all the "little things." Finding a sense of balance allows us to give the love we have, not only to ourselves, but also to extend to others.


Features of this bottle: It is one of the Archangel bottle series. This bottle helps us become more aware of the feminine side of our being, especially our intuition, allowing us the opportunity to embrace that intuition. Having the trust to accept everything "as it is", so not detached from our feelings but more consciously observing our feelings. In many critical situations, it will provide protection when necessary.


problems to face: Helps those who are having trouble relaxing in the face of inner conflict. When you create pain because of your desires, and when your needs are not met and you cannot accept your true self, learn to let go of anger and violence by seeing yourself more clearly, so that you can discover inner love and compassion. To be self-critical all the time will not allow your true being to emerge. Constantly judging others can lead to rifts and separations that are difficult to resolve.

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