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Archangel Haniel #103

Archangel Haniel #103

color: Opaline light blue/deep purple

when mixed together:

Subject:We either solve the problem or the problem


Application area:around the throat, The neck and spine should also be wiped.


The point of this bottle: The person has the ability to communicate deeply with themselves from a sense of inner peace. He has a deep sense of warmth that expands and warms others. This person is harmoniously fulfilling his life mission and is able to put love in many different areas of his life. The ability to see beyond what is hidden on the surface.


Features of this bottle: This bottle brings a sense of integration, integration of long-standing difficulties associated with authority and parents. It helps to align with the Higher Will so that the higher plan can manifest the true calling of the individual. He is a person who can nourish himself and fulfill his mission in the worldly life activities and is happy.


problems to face: The difficulty hidden in various forms of authority is a shock to one's inner life. Or the difficult problem of how to restore authority when a person has long since given up his authority. It helps create a sense of protection about one's true calling.

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