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Archangel Raguel #114

Archangel Raguel #114

color:middle tone coral/deep purple

When mixed together:dark red

Energy Center:Covers all energy centers, especially for the second and third centers (manipura, stomach chakra)

theme:interpersonal relationship


The point of this bottle:B114The main focus is on human relationships, the way we relate to each other. It is difficult for us to let others be ourselves, which may be because we do not allow us to be ourselves, so it is difficult not to expect excessively from others. Here we can look to Archangel Raguel as a mediator to help restore harmony where there is discord. In Jewish tradition, Raguel is called the angel of harmony and justice, specializing in healing disputes and resolving misunderstandings. Raguel also manages the relationship between angels and people. Raguel still has the right to supervise the work of other archangels an archangel.

Like plants and animals, our relationships need to be cared for, noticed, and nourished, and putting love into the little things adds love to the way we relate to others. It is impossible for us to have the same views and ideas as our friends all the time, and we should try to listen to and understand each other's point of view, just like we have our own. Archangel Raguel brings forgiveness, peace and serenity between people, and healing of misunderstandings, Raguel can assist us in gaining new awareness in all our relationships.

When we have more inner contentment, it reduces our lack in relationships, and when we have the ability to see both sides of things, it helps us bring balance into any subsequent actions. Raguel has a very strong "non-judgmental" essence. When we bring the possibility of non-judgmental awareness to our inner being, it will help us not to judge others. This is the salvation of coral.


Application area:Anywhere on the body, especially around the abdomen and stomach.

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