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Archangel Raphael #096

Archangel Raphael #096

color: Royal Blue/Royal Blue

when mixed together:Royal blue

energy center: Third eye (sixth energy center, brow chakra)


theme: Hidden deep peace that leads to communication with the higher mind and the world

positive personality: A very calm and harmonious person with true creativity, who can release creativity from a higher level of self, and clearly see other spaces and truths. The creativity and perspective mentioned here can be extended to various meanings. This person may have clairvoyance, clairvoyance and super-sensitivity and other high-level spiritual activities, and can communicate with others.


Aspects that can be improved: May indicate hidden frustration and anger, not knowing how to deal with unresolved resentments, especially those related to authority, or difficulty in integrating inner masculine energies that create resentment. There may be a great need to communicate, but there are inherent communication difficulties of all kinds. This person is too alienated, withdraws, never feels involved, and his particular concept of self-awareness and individuality must be re-evaluated.


spiritual level: I have a very strong desire to realize my dream. This bottle leads to, or represents, deep understanding. The person who chooses this bottle may be the medium that brings information from other levels into the world, and then transmits it to others by himself. It can lead to the deepest level of the subconscious or unconscious, interpret dreams, have the ability to predict, or clearly speak of future events.


psychological level: The psychological trait represented by this bottle is the ability to think clearly and see many different viewpoints of various situations. In practical situations or groups, this person can bring creative thought and inspiration. Such a person's thoughts can lead themselves and others towards true peace, with energy and direction in the process.


emotional level: Efforts to awaken awareness of the deep inner peace. Really work on developing your own compassion. Because of the connection to my own inner peace, I am able to empathize deeply with others, yet remain centered in myself. Emotionally, having the necessary training and practice can lead to the path of peace and compassion.


Application area: Hairline, forehead, temples and feet.


convinced: I transcend emotions and find deep peace


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