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Archangel Ratziel #106

Archangel Ratziel #106

color: Dusty light olive green / Dusty lavender

when mixed together: olive green

Energy Center:Fourth and Seventh Energy Centers (Heart and Crown Chakras)

theme:metamorphosis of heart


Where to use: Body parts that correspond to energy centers, especially around the chest and head.


Highlights of this bottle:Rachel is a master alchemist who can transform regulated patterns of behavior into pure gold through inner alchemy. Transform past bitter experiences and situations into sweetness in the soul through the transformation of consciousness. The misty quality of the upper layer is to secretly hide the olive green, which is also part of the transformation process. This bottle has a strong flavor, and it will be the most intense flavor in the Aura-Soma system, but it also brings a boost of morale and a relaxed mood. This bitter shift will overcome old behavior patterns, remove barriers of limitation and norms, and move towards a perspective brought about by inner wisdom.


Features of this bottle:Rachel is also an archangel who assists in personal realization. He helps us to move forward even when we are stuck. He pushes us to do what is right, expresses what must or should be, and reminds us of our role in the solution, rather than silently helping us solve it. We say that when we deal with the seeds of past karma, we are overcoming and changing the problem, making it more positive; allowing us to live in the confusion of the present without losing ourselves.

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