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Archangel Uriel #097

Archangel Uriel #097

color: Golden yellow/royal blue

when mixed together: deep purple

energy center: The third, fourth, and sixth energy centers (stomach chakra, heart chakra and brow chakra)

theme: Be true to yourself, be true to yourself.


positive personality: He is a person with joy and wisdom, who truly understands the sense of mission in life. Deep feeling, able to perceive the influence of other levels in the depths of the personality. Smart and wise, peaceful in nature, focusing on harmony, with a deep sense of direction, foresight, but also able to act decisively. Others feel that this person always knows where he is going, even when he is standing in a different angle from time to time. No matter what you do, it can be just right and just right.


Aspects that can be improved: May indicate that you are facing your deepest fear. Feeling angry and frustrated at having to revisit the issue from other angles. Feelings of anger not only exist on the conscious level, but also come from the dark side of the personality, disturbing the inner peace. You must examine whether you are envious or jealous of others. It is best to keep your own space instead of just envious of others. Fear blocks high-level communication, and can even disrupt deep intuition when you pay too much attention to the feeling of fear. It may be necessary to strengthen emotional communication. Some people may have been abused and lack the self-awareness to respond appropriately emotionally.


spiritual level: Gradually become self-aware and understand the purpose and mission of this life. Life's deepest lessons are heard right now, especially when we begin to experience new levels of feeling and understanding. Only by being aware of the influence produced from the depths of oneself can one have true wisdom. This wisdom cannot be clung to, it must be shared with others.

Psychological level: The mind matures consciously and unconsciously, and begins to pay attention to the difference between fantasy and realization. Awareness of deep psychological peace affects inner strength.


psychological level:The mind matures both consciously and unconsciously, and begins to pay attention to the difference between fantasy and reality. Awareness of deep psychological peace affects inner strength.


emotional level: Represents that the channel has been opened up, which can express the feelings of care, warmth, peace, joy and love. It doesn't necessarily refer to relationships with others, but how to get along with yourself and how to deal with various aspects of life. This bottle represents deep anxiety that cannot be resolved if the hidden frustrations are not addressed in the face of deep fears.


Application area: Hairline, forehead, temples, heart, and solar plexus (gastric chakra).


convinced: I am on a wonderful journey to true wisdom, and all the gifts I see are within my reach.

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