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Archangel Gabriel #095

Archangel Gabriel #095

color: Fuchsia/golden yellow

when mixed together: Orange

energy center: 1st and 3rd Energy Centers (Mahadha and Gastric Chakras)


theme: Grow in wisdom. Love from a small place.

positive personality: To pour care, attention and love into the details of life, whether to living or non-living things. Such people are quite central and know their mission and mission well. They can gain insight into their own essence, focus on their inner self, are very introspective, and clearly aware of what is happening around them. They can do little things with concern and sensitivity, and radiate a deep joy and profound wisdom.


Aspects that can be improved: Unresolved deep fears, unresolved family dilemmas from the past that may be reflected in the current situation. The so-called family is not necessarily a blood family, but may be a group of peers, social contact or work contact. When caring for others, there will be a deep sense of fear, fear that you are not capable enough to care for others as you want. From time to time, this fear gets in the way of relationships. Feelings of vulnerability often surface, blocking the joy that may arise in life. This feeling of vulnerability is unhelpful and nothing more than a desire to be noticed and feared.


spiritual level: It is possible to make a deeper connection with your true essence (that is, the "incarnation star"). This part of nature expands through constant awareness, breath, and the little things you do each moment of the day. This bottle represents strengthening and expanding this connection, which is possible through practice and observation. It can enhance our understanding, bring out the deep wisdom of our "golden zone", and present it in everything we do, as a living testimony of quality. The energy of this bottle brings fuchsia and gold together in a way never seen before. It also shows that the soul has been cleared of the frights it suffered in the long past.


psychological level: May open the mind leading to intuitive wisdom. This intelligence belongs to the domain of the right brain, born from the depths of the ego. This bottle shows the need for calmness at the psychological level. Anxiety and tension must be overcome in order to find the joy of true knowledge.


emotional level: Real understanding that all kinds of constraints that hinder love, tenderness and caring can emerge. Love may be finding a new way, showing different aspects in the practical details of life, not just fantasy, but beginning to take root in emotion and implement in every moment. This is the "knowledge bottle" on the emotional level.


Application area: Put one drop on the top of the head and spread it evenly under the navel and around the abdomen.


convinced: Discover the love of self and also develop the potential of wisdom.

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