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Archangel Khemiel Ariel#115

Archangel Khemiel Ariel#115


In this bottle there is a combination of the energies of the Archangels Cameron and Yariel. Camille is the feminine aspect and Jariel is the masculine aspect, consort or twin flame of the same essence. When we see orange and red, we explore our inner insights and have the ability to express them. When we release the orange awakening energy, we also awaken the deep red Christ energy. Through orange, we feel supported by the energy of red to face our challenges. We can think of this archangel by the element of water, just as our emotional and emotional problems are solved by orange and red.


Looking at orange and red, we can see that it is related to coral, its energy is enhanced in the latest light coral protective aura, which allows us to understand this bottle through it. A trust and confidence in one's inner deep insight and personal center is inAura-Somamost important in the system. Regarding the connection between conscious and unconscious, the balance of orange and red is necessary for our own existence. If we deeply trust our own life will bring more possibilities.


Sometimes when Camille is in conflict, Jariel develops such a generosityB23same energy. Jariel was considered to be the lion of God, possessing the courage and strength associated with this description. Lion energy is important in this bottle like11,twenty threeInside facing the Garden of Gethsemane. this115/7Stories of The World give us the opportunity to face our greatest trials with courage and strength in order to be able to integrate the gifts we see in us amidst these obstacles. Instead of blocking or responding inappropriately under normal circumstances, the Archangels Cameron and Yariel support us in being less reactionary.


Think of this bottle as something that helps us conjure up our own memories on multiple levels. Imagine the possibilities of bringing together the different aspects of ourselves: Kamel and Yariel can provide support as we wrestle with our own inner divisions. existAura-Somasystem, we put7As a challenge or test, the7The bottle is called the Garden of Gethsemane, and it is a test of the self that leads to deep understanding.115,two1and5echo that together7This energy, the idea of wrestling with the ego to achieve greater unity. ersini bottleB11andVicky'sbottleB5came together. The various parts within us are called to unite by the two Archangels to create a deep unity within us.


we are approaching12moon3The supermoon on Sunday, this is an important time because this moon is signaling a time of harmony and unity in all of our relationships. This supermoon kicks off our12moon18totwenty twoGalactic Calibration performed daily. The galactic alignment at this time inspires us to embrace our greater evolutionary purpose.


These two archangels support wholeness, and red and orange add up to coral's energy of unity rather than division. In each of us, there is an inner desire within us for opinions to be agreed upon rather than rebelled against or resisted. We must have firm trust and confidence in our own truth, so that we can truly be one. Archangels Cameron and Yariel help us to connect with all the powers and energies of Mother Earth Gaia and all beings in this and other worlds. Awareness that transcends separation enables the appreciation of the wholeness implicit in interdependence. There is a deep love and compassion for the different beings and the different aspects of ourselves that have been called upon together by Kemer and Yariel at this moment.

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