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Archangel Cassiel #113

Archangel Cassiel #113

color:Emerald Green/Mid-Tone Olive Green

When mixed together:dark green

Energy Center:The third and fourth centers (stomach chakra, heart chakra)

theme:Awakening is inspired by love


Highlights of this bottle:Archangel Cahill is associated with Saturn. Cahill ruled the Sabbath, or day of rest, that brief weekly review. emeraldThe combination of green and mid-tone olive green leads us on a journey from the solar plexus to the heart. When we let go of past disappointments, He gives us the opportunity to transform into a new level of hope, resentment and pain transformed into new hope, not just anticipation.

Cahill is often seen as an observer, fromAura-SomaIts energy is similar to that of coral or light coral. Unless called upon, Kehir is generally just observing, rather than being active or interfering with the human state of being.


We can also think of Kathir as the Archangel of Fire, a purifying fire, similar to the original fire. Another important point is that Cahill can balance our inner masculine and feminine, light and dark sides, that wisdom and happiness that is hidden deep within us.

Cahill is associated with several themes, including spiritual confidence──Through the self-confidence that comes from understanding the value of the essence, to see the connection of olive green to the opening of the heart, these parts are the understanding brought to us by Cahill at this time.


existAura-Somasystem, we consider the10number bottle──green to green──Represents cause and effect: what is planted, what is the result; we can think of this as the current experience is the result of past actions, and what we do now will create future results. andB113thanB10It is more healing, because olive green not only has green moisture, but also the olive color that appears can wash away the bitterness and fear in the heart.


Cahill also governs elders, wills and death. The flowers most associated with Cahill are white lilies and Lady Vicky's favorite violets.

Features of this bottle:This bottle is incredibly energizing because it is specially combined with a tincture of crystal gemstones. Surprisingly, emerald and obsidian together, as well as diamond and onyx, are very interesting combinations; another crystal stone important to Cahill is sapphire, especially light blue and middle tone sapphires. This energy, connected to the Archangels and other hidden qualities, these crystals can help bring abundance, let go of our lack, or wave away patterns that prevent us from living to abundance.


Cahill can assist in bringing insight. When we think of emerald and olive green, we don't immediately think of the quality of seeing clarity, but of total awareness as we know it, seeing beyond the boundaries of where we are. The clarity brought by Cahill is the ability to put ourselves in the position of the other person to gain insight and awareness, helping us to truly connect with our inner intuition.

Cahill also supports us in expressing our personal and collective truth, by expressing inner wisdom, balancing the analytical mind with the higher intuition, which can support us to express ourselves quietly and completely, and express our inner deep wisdom calmly.


We won't specifically link Emerald and middle olive to the Throat Chakra, but this unique combination can assist in clearing blockages and difficulties, especially in articulating and speaking inner truths. Cahill encourages us to seek stillness so that we can connect to a deeper experience of meditation. Silence in the stillness of the mind is how we let go of the pattern of cause and effect.


Cahill is an archangel that brings health, helping us connect with the beautiful side of our inner talent and our deep nature. When we recognize the beauty that expresses our inner intentions and mentality, Cahill can help us connect, and we will be able to Let go of those old scarcity mentalities, let go of the obstacles that prevent the goodness of the soul from being seen or manifested. Cahill brings us new truth and abundance of life.

Cahill also has a good reputation for assisting those who are afraid of water. Kathy can assist ships and navigation at sea. What is intriguing is the role of these attributes, especially since we are composed of seven tenths water, and what is it that we are afraid of not seeing the truth within?


Application area:stomach to chest.

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