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Archangel Daniel #111

Archangel Daniel #111

color:Mid-tone Royal Blue/Middle-tone Olive Green

When mixed together:dark blue green

Energy Center:The fourth, fifth, and sixth centers (heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra)

theme:Distinguish between reality and unreality, clarify dreams and reality


Highlights of this bottle:One of Daniel's main tenets is to help us differentiate between what is real and what is not, so we can focus on actively realizing our dreams and purpose without wasting energy or time.


Daniel also brings an easy-flowing form of communication that helps us avoid the dead-end situations where we get carried away and thoughtless, and his work of clearly stating and communicating is so important, conveying compassion and authentic feelings that give us the opportunity to Finding ways to be compassionate to ourselves and spreading that compassion to the world, Daniel strongly supports and assists us in being compassionate to ourselves.

It is very important for us that Daniel will help us to be in the right space, to be with ourselves, and not be in the right environment or situation to act against our will.


Where there is hurt or distress, his grace can be brought in, the possibility of peace and happiness can be brought by his power. Where we can't find our identity or our identity is wrong, Daniel can help us establish our identity with his deep characteristics.


Daniel's qualities also include truth and harmony, and he helps us see situations in clear light correctly so that we can respond in the most appropriate way. When confronted with deception and difficulties in communication, he can bring clear light to illuminate the obscure causal context, and bringing clarity into relationships is one of his main tasks.


If Daniel is present in counseling, there must be signs of intimacy, marital, or partner issues, and how these play out is what he is most concerned with right now, which is to sort out clarity in the relationship.

Daniel helps us identify the difference between "what we believe we can achieve" and "what we actually can achieve", leading us to reveal our true essence, center or star desire in the world. Royal Blue brings clarity in this regard, Olive Green brings hope and certainty to awaken true purpose in our consciousness, and we will find that the fulfillment of dreams and wishes can come into being.


Application area:Between chest and throat.

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