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Christ #055

Christ #055

color: Transparent/Red

when mixed together: Intense light red

energy center: The first energy center (root chakra)


theme: develop sacrificial love


positive personality: Is a spiritual pioneer, but also a pioneer of the concrete, material world. Connect closely with truth. Have intelligence without showing it off, willing to sacrifice yourself for a higher purpose. Often work without asking for pay. (Meaning to give without expecting anything in return.) Very objective; take on a task and do it with all your might. Is an idealist who manifests his ideals in a practical way. Concerned about women's equality. There is no question of "sex" at all. Knows the material side of life very well.


Aspects that can be improved: Frustrated, hated and angry, may have been affected by material loss. Suffering from worldly problems on the one hand and valuing material and sensual pleasures on the other. There are too many conflicting experiences in life to cope with. Revelation (from the universe or from existence) is needed, but may not be available due to overwhelmed tension.


spiritual level: Help your own enlightenment and transformation process. Create a channel of energy flow. Some leaders have experienced what it means to be humble when using this bottle. Reduce feelings of isolation from existence.


psychological level: Makes the mind clear. Helps you stop identifying with everything and let go of resentment.


emotional level: To dissolve your feeling that your voice is not being taken seriously. Eliminates frustration and anger and helps you transform these emotions in a positive way. A role that helps overcome childhood trauma and feeling like a victim.


Application area: Around the entire stomach and abdomen. (Do not use after evening or at night, as this bottle will stimulate vitality and cause insomnia.)


convinced: I have the energy to follow my ideals.

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