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Egyptian Bottle II #039

Egyptian Bottle II #039

color: Purple/Gold

when mixed together: Orange

energy center: Third and seventh energy centers (solar plexus and crown chakra)


theme: Heal your deepest fears

positive personality: It has the power to change the world, and at the same time understand that this change must start from within a person. Freedom is found in action. Enjoy the knowledge gained and pass it on to others. A humble, dignified man with good discernment. Having a holistic understanding means being able to perceive and fully understand many things in life. Is an idealistic reformer with an important life mission and possesses a deep inner wisdom.


Aspects that can be improved: To harbor deep, unresolved fears and hold on to them tightly. Feeling confused and full of fear, focusing on the unattainable ("paper moon" mentality). It is not easy to form friendships with people. Blame yourself and others. Indulge yourself in fantasies or fantasies to detach yourself from reality.


spiritual level: Encourages you to change your ideals. Help you get rid of your fears. Support you in the process of transformation to learn about yourself.


psychological level: Reduce the desire to blame others by being gentler with yourself. Helps eliminate delusions, confusion and illusions so you can see the world more clearly.


emotional level: Helps overcome present and deep fears of the past. Bring joy into a life without joy. Inspire compassion and empathy.


Application area:Along hair edges, around stomach and belly.


convinced: I have a lot to learn and a lot to share.

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