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Egyptian Bottle Ⅰ/Changing Trends #018

Egyptian Bottle Ⅰ/Changing Trends #018

color: Yellow/Purple

when mixed together: deep golden yellow

energy center: Third and seventh energy centers (solar plexus and crown chakra)


theme: overcoming self-deception

positive personality: A person who arranges his life according to his dreams. Have the courage to change and enjoy the fulfillment of your life purpose. The healing qualities of this person can be seen in what he does. With an endearing personality, he is a spiritual teacher and an intuitive person. Really want to help others.


Aspects that can be improved: Difficulty distinguishing between reality and illusion. It can be said to be a dreamer. Don't dare to move forward or try new things easily, thinking that the more things are done, the worse they will become. The mind is full of mundane things and fears of all kinds.


spiritual level: Help the user to recognize the extent of their conditioning, and awaken the sleeping soul at the same time. Bring joy into your life. By using this balancing oil, the therapist learns how to tell when to do something and when not to do it.


psychological level: Help you connect the "head and belly"; help overcome self-deception and stimulate discernment.


emotional level: Helps you stop playing the victim role. Gives you the courage to express your fears. Let go of feeling betrayed and watched. It helps you see the future more clearly after an emotionally traumatic experience.


Application area: Around the solar plexus (stomach chakra) and along hair edges.


convinced: The more I let go of my fears, the healthier I become.

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