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wake up #022

wake up #022

color: yellow/pink

when mixed together:coral

energy center: The third energy center (solar plexus)


theme: love without dependence

positive personality: is a new age teacher who lives a spiritual life very rooted in the earth. Connected with divine wisdom, so there is a sense of liberation. Get in touch with your eternal dimension. Communicate knowledge to people in a way that is easy to understand. Behind every action comes determination.


Aspects that can be improved: Has the personality of controlling others, looks very generous, but in fact is a person who only focuses on whether he benefits himself. Expecting too much in return after giving to others. Most likely without compassion. Need to be constantly recognized by others. There is a deep fear of disappointment in the realm of love.


spiritual level: Inspires spiritual rebirth. Bring about deep self-forgiveness. Aids in awareness of the inner spiritual spark.


psychological level: Release the sense of identification with the dark side. Encourage you to have a more optimistic outlook and establish new life goals. Help you understand what love is.


emotional level: Reduce excessive demand for love. Help you deal with some of the problems that result from unrequited love. Also helps you deal with fear, intimidation, dependence and codependency issues.


Application area: Around the entire solar plexus (gastric chakra).


convinced: I breathe in love, I breathe out love.

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