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Old Souls #047

Old Souls #047

color: royal blue/lemon (this is the only bottle with lemon)

when mixed together:green

energy center: Third, fourth and sixth energy centers (stomach chakra, heart chakra and third eye)


theme: connect head and abdomen

positive personality: Has super-sensing talent. Connect with your higher self. Possesses knowledge of the occult. Have a clear direction in life and teach others by example. Connect with your heart and be able to express this part. Action instead of reaction.


Aspects that can be improved: Pretending to be very centered and balanced when in reality there is nothing but inner tension. Without in-depth research on things, it can only be said to be an amateur at best. Dominate others. Life has given him a lot, but he doesn't know how to use these blessings. You may have received inspiration, but inspiration is controlled by emotions.


spiritual level: Helps develop super-sensing power and the ability to get more enlightenment through meditation. To help you connect with your higher self. Inspires you to increase your discernment in the spiritual realm. Eliminate self-deception.


psychological level: Balance the left and right brains, which means to balance the analysis and creation parts of the mind. Enhance logical thinking and memory. Heuristic goals are systematically formulated and reconnected with existing knowledge.


emotional level: Helps you perceive and interpret emotions more clearly. Helps to overcome fears, especially those related to psychology. Reduce nervous anxiety.


Application area: Around the solar plexus (stomach chakra) and heart, and along hair edges.


convinced: I take full advantage of all my opportunities.

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