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One of the ancient Jewish ascetic sect vase Ⅱ / jewel in the lotus #071

One of the ancient Jewish ascetic sect vase Ⅱ / jewel in the lotus #071

bottle name: One of the ancient Jewish ascetic sect vase II / jewels in the lotus

Number: #071


color: Pink/transparent color

when mixed together: pale pink

energy center: The first energy center (root chakra)

theme: accept yourself


positive personality: There is a lot of love, empathy, intuition and creativity. Has a special talent for handling patients. Behavior is very gentle, caring, and selfless. Understand that the reality around us, whether positive or negative, is something we create. To be able to love from afar without expecting anything in return.


Aspects that can be improved: Feeling unloved. Don't want to look inward. Think of yourself as always being tested. Making the same mistakes over and over without learning from them. Lack of discernment, especially the inability to discern whether the concern given is appropriate and appreciated, valued, or simply not needed. Find it difficult to take care of your own needs.


spiritual level: Expand sensory ability. Make you more discerning and the ability to love and take care of yourself. Support your ability to develop medical care. Make you realize that all the environments in your life are created by yourself.


psychological level: Helps overcome irrational fears. Bring femininity into your heart such as intuition, empathy, and receptivity.


emotional level: Encourages you to look within yourself with love and non-judgment, and to be able to process what you discover from within. Let go of fear, especially the fear of feeling unloved.


Application area: Around the stomach and abdomen. An additional drop can be added to the top of the spine on the head.

convinced: "Be still and then know that I am God."


unique quality: In past life therapy, it helps you connect with the incarnation of one of the ancient Jewish ascetic sects, and also with the Christ-like consciousness (see Chapter 10).

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