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Victory #074

Victory #074

bottle name:victory

Number: #074


color: Light yellow/light green

when mixed together: light green


energy center: Third and fourth energy centers (solar plexus and heart chakra)

theme: Bring clarity into difficult emotional situations


positive personality: Is a happy, kind person. Concerned about harmony, balance, and the meaning of life. Speak the truth even if it gets you in trouble. There is no prejudice, so I can give a lot of warmth to others. Believe that love is the panacea for life. Learn from your mistakes. Be generous with everything, especially time. Connect with your senses and feel in harmony.


Aspects that can be improved: This person will often say, "You don't value me!" Requires a lot of attention and approval from others. Disappointment with the emotional side of life. Very keenly aware of my own shortcomings. Reluctance to share one's time and experience with others. Know neither yourself nor others. Can't express feelings. It is easy to criticize and condemn others.


spiritual level: Helps you connect with your potential and all that you believe to be true. make you really know yourself. This will give you a clear idea of what to do to help you grow spiritually (eg practice yoga, connect more with nature, etc.). Promotes spiritual generosity such as understanding that there are many different paths to God.


psychological level: Motivates you to increase self-knowledge and reduce self-criticism while enabling you to know what needs to change. Help you to be more discerning.


emotional level: Dispelling old emotional patterns (including those from previous lives). Shine light on them so that the healing work can take place. Helps overcome disappointment and fear of anticipation, especially with heart-related issues.


Application area: Around the heart and solar plexus (stomach chakra).

convinced: The way is the goal.


unique quality: This bottle has a lot to do with emotions. It is especially useful for emotional issues, such as it is highly recommended for people who are just starting a new relationship.

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