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Creativity #043

Creativity #043

color: Turquoise / Turquoise

when mixed together:blue-green

energy center: The fourth energy center (heart chakra)


theme: Communication through art and mass communication

positive personality: He is a person who pursues the truth. He often reviews himself and feels very harmonious. Demonstrating "elasticity of mind" means that he is a flexible person who is easy to accept new things. A special fondness for the stars, concrete or abstract such as experiences related to astrology, astronomy, and the night sky. Ability to communicate beyond language (dance, drawing, music, etc.). If not talented in art, be creative in other things. Have a good spiritual connection. Have contact with angels and gods.


Aspects that can be improved: is a sad person, ruled by subconscious patterns. Not in touch with your own feelings, not clear about yourself, and on the other hand, very narcissistic. Frustrated by being rejected. It is a person who is not yet sober  .


spiritual level: Improve self-awareness. Help you decipher the mysteries of life. Gives you the courage to perform in front of a crowd, not quite like a so-called "master", but like having an audience in an auditorium.


psychological level: Inspires you to systematically combine your thoughts and speak them out, as well as "dig out" subconscious content and talk about them. Helping those who impart knowledge beyond words (e.g., massage, dance and music teachers.)


emotional level: Helps you feel accepted and well-rounded. Release any stuck parts. Helps overcome foolish obsessions of all kinds.


Application area: The whole heart part.


convinced: Everything is flowing, and I go with the flow.

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