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Gethsemane Garden Vase #007

Gethsemane Garden Vase #007

Name of the bottle: Gethsemane garden bottle

color: Yellow/Green

when mixed together: olive green

energy center: The third and fourth energy centers (heart and stomach chakras)


theme: a test of faith

positive personality: For this person, faith and confidence are the themes of his life (see "Distinctive Qualities"). Herald of a new era. An idealist and philosopher who understands human suffering and needs. With inner wisdom and strength. Ethical lessons have been learned in past lifetimes and can be expressed and applied in the present. Likes to travel, loves nature, especially trees - very research on trees.


Aspects that can be improved: A seeker who awakened from a dream. Self-centered and acting against one's own principles. Inwardly aware of being dishonest to oneself, yet continuing to act in self-deception.


spiritual level: Help you use your mind to deal with things and enable you to gain inner wisdom, and also connect you with deep inner cognition. It empowers users to discover obstacles in their growth path and help remove them.


psychological level: To stimulate the mind. Make you more capable of making decisions. Reduce excessive rumination and excessive self-reflection. Alleviates agoraphobia (fear of wide spaces) and claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces).


emotional level: Release fear and bring joy. Helps you overcome jealousy and envy, as well as emotional fear. Helps develop emotional maturity.


Application area: Apply circularly on and around the heart and solar plexus (stomach).


convinced: I have no boundaries other than the ones I set for myself.

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