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Trust #076

Trust #076

bottle name:trust

Number: #076


color: Pink/Gold

when mixed together: Orange


energy center: 1st and 3rd energy centers (root chakra and solar plexus)

theme: Realize your potential by loving yourself


positive personality: He is a gentle and gentle person who does not struggle with the difficulties in life, but goes with the flow. Be successful without being arrogant. His success comes from adhering to principles. Let things go with intuitive wisdom, and then get it done. Because of this wisdom, he has extremely high concentration and dedication. A genius in his trade. Can rely on oneself and have the ability to make their own decisions. is a self-made man. Can express emotions clearly. God gave him the ability to move forward or backward in time and space, and to enter and explore past lives to gain knowledge and wisdom.


Aspects that can be improved: Is a rigid, self-centered person who is unwilling to accept the pressures of life. Believe that you are investing far more in your life than you receive. Thinking that you are not getting the love you need. Fearful, especially when it comes to expressing love. It's hard to open yourself up to love. Often work non-stop, without pausing for a "play".


spiritual level: Apply the wisdom of the past to today's society. Enables you to have psychic abilities and a deep memory.


psychological level: Transform rationality into deep wisdom. Release deep-seated confusion and fear from learning how to respect yourself.


emotional level: Encourages you to have the patience to step back in certain situations, and to develop the ability to like and love yourself.


convinced: I love you, so I set you free.


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