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A Bunch of Flowers/Ancient Jewish Ascetics 1 #011

A Bunch of Flowers/Ancient Jewish Ascetics 1 #011

color: Transparent color/pink

when mixed together: pale pink

energy center: Primarily the root, heart and throat chakras, but also all others


theme: to feel unconditional love


positive personality: A strong, powerful person who exudes warmth, tenderness, and intense empathy; a person who truly knows how to love. Healers and teachers for a new age. Can see adversity as an opportunity for growth and treat it with kindness.


Aspects that can be improved: Very arrogant and conceited especially in spiritual matters. Losing hope and feeling like a loser. Convinced that his approach is right, but others have clearly seen his mistakes.


spiritual level: Reduce spiritual arrogance. Inspires the energy of female intuition and allows it to articulate. Expand sources of information on other levels. Improve your ability to love yourself.


psychological level: Helps overcome self-doubt; increases self-confidence and clarity. If it is the first bottle you choose, it will free you from the approval and approval of others.


emotional level: Let users open their hearts to love themselves, love others and forgive themselves. Helps overcome mental illness and fears from childhood. Great for relieving the disappointment of giving too much and actually getting nothing back.


Application area: Around the buttocks, lower abdomen, lower back. Can also be applied to the entire torso and throat.


convinced: I love me as I am.

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