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About Thousands of Public Welfare Activities


​Hand in hand and love thousands of charity events

The founder of TAOS International School of Systematic Arrangement - Teacher Zhou Dingwen inherited from Mr. Burt Heininger. Over the years, he has successfully introduced systematic arrangement into the Chinese area and has become a trend. Judicial education, counseling, corporate consulting... and other fields reopen the overall vision and enhance the inner transformation power.

By systematically arranging this knowledge of "self-interest and altruism", it has helped thousands of families break through life barriers and rebuild relationships for more than 10 years. In recent years, more and more people have devoted themselves to learning and become the ranks of helpers. This also shows that after fulfilling their personal "self-interest", they are moving towards the fulfillment of "altruism" of others, and gradually understand the beauty of the community of life.

In order to expand this love, Mr. Zhou Dingwen has planned thousands of public welfare activities for many years, so that love can gradually spread and spread through mutual traction, so that the spirit of public welfare can follow the righteousness and righteous thoughts, and slowly take root in the hearts of the people.

Looking forward to your joining, so that more families can join hands again!

Looking forward to your contribution, so that the great love can last thousands of times!

Welcome to the invitation of public welfare lectures by social welfare agencies (groups)

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