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Lady Nada #052

Lady Nada #052

color: Light pink/light pink

when mixed together: pale pink

energy center: 1st and 7th Energy Centers (Mahadha and Crown Chakras)


theme: to experience unconditional love

positive personality: A reformer who allows himself and others to be idealistic. Concern about issues of ecology and humanity. Have empathy and will not be attached to worldly material things. It has a very high level of concentration, that is to say, it is very engrossed. Everyone around him felt it. Will be very practical to take care of others, usually in his professional. Know when someone needs love and give it.


Aspects that can be improved: Giving despite being abused or exploited, hurting myself by doing so. There is an unquiet mind, almost impossible to relax. Feeling incomplete and empty. Feeling unloved. Everything weighs heavily on him. Indulge yourself in spiritual fantasies.


spiritual level: Supports and accelerates the awakening process. Make you more focused in meditation. Bring the fantasy of spirituality back to reality. Urges you to understand Christlike energy and Christlike consciousness.


psychological level: Soothe the restless mind. Stimulates intuition and concentration; especially suitable for use before and during exams.


emotional level: Helps integrate the positive role of the mother, or in the abstract the typical role of a woman. Facilitate abuse treatment work. Usually the abused person thinks he is worthless and unworthy of love. This bottle also helps resolve such difficulties and helps develop self-love.


Application area: around the abdomen. If it is a psychological problem, put a drop on the spine, temples, and neck on the top of the head, and then spread them evenly.


convinced: I love me as I am.

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