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Hilarion #053

Hilarion #053

color: Light green/light green

when mixed together: light green

energy center: The fourth energy center (heart chakra)


theme: way, truth, life

Positive personality aspects:Be a pragmatic scientist who understands the laws of the universe. Know your way. Has a good memory and discernment; clearly aware of being off track, or heading down a path of being deceived. Because the person has released deep tensions, it is easy to move into higher levels of consciousness.


Aspects that can be improved: All kinds of guilt are harbored inside. There is extreme envy and jealousy. Feeling disconnected from others. think others are cheating on him. It is found that in the spiritual realm, materialism prevails. This person's dogmatic views are not easily changed. Failing to realize that he is part of the system, he becomes rigid.


spiritual level: To help you connect with nature and increase vitality in a spiritual way. Inspire confidence. Helping you understand the various layers of things and find your true direction. Deepen your spiritual connection through awareness of proper body posture and proper breathing.


psychological level: It helps refresh you when you feel your mind is stuck. Resolve phobias and hidden fears. It helps you see the truth when there is a deceitful situation or a tendency to deceive yourself.


emotional level: Relieves guilt. Helps overcome jealousy and envy, as well as space-related phobias. Make it easier for you to live by your own truth. Helps you to be comfortable with yourself.


Application area: Around the whole chest. Apply to the entire body when working on body treatments.


convinced: I have found my truth.

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