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Chuang Tzu #073

Chuang Tzu #073

bottle name: Chuang Tzu

color: Gold/transparent color

No.: 073


when mixed together: pale gold

energy center: The third energy center (solar plexus)


theme: Spread deep insights

positive personality: Is an independent thinker, consciousness has developed to a considerable extent. Can effectively express inner knowledge. Possess a talent for teaching. Has the ability to overcome many fears. Really want to know yourself because you know it is necessary. Can develop good discernment in all areas of life. Can understand other people's opinions, so will create a positive atmosphere. Know that the more you give, the richer you are.


Aspects that can be improved: Expecting things to "just happen" without any action required. It is very likely that you have taken on too many responsibilities as a child. Difficulty sharing and giving. A man who secretly suffers from fear. The search for perfection is intense, but there is no love in it. Committed to seeking the gold without, and losing touch with the light within.


spiritual level: Make you realize what you really understand. To connect you with the light within. Make you aware that everything you attract and bring into life is about you. Gradually increase the ability to discern in the mind.


psychological level: Allows you to see the mind at work and how people are constantly caught in certain patterns. Therefore, this bottle will stimulate your independent thinking and bring you discernment, especially whether you can affirm yourself in certain situations.


emotional level: Helps deal with deep fears. Let go of the thought that you must always be happy. Make you accept your own strength and majesty.


Application area: Around the entire solar plexus (stomach).


convinced: Happiness is being able to make fun of yourself.

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