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Fairy Queen Queen Mab#116

Fairy Queen Queen Mab#116

Royal Blue invites us to see ourselves more clearly, rather than focusing on external projections, and supports us in looking inward. Now royal blue and fuchsia are connected in this bottle, bright fuchsia, not0No. of dark purple. It also encourages us to look at ourselves without any judgment. This bottle also marksAura-SomaA major shift in the system, which to me is part of a new beginning beyond color, he gives us a sign,Aura-SomaIt is for those who wish to re-remember themselves, to assist us in reorganizing and integrating our various aspects.


Let's not just value how we see and feel about things, but let us see the sky through the clouds and see the different layers of our being. Just like the crystal clear consciousness in the night sky is also reflected in the upper level of our consciousness in this bottle. The lower unconscious/subconscious level of the bottle, fuchsia shows the importance of our care, warmth, and love in every little thing. How we begin to show compassion to ourselves will also assist how we find ways to overcome our differences with others. Fuchsia assists us to integrate ourselves, to integrate our inner differences by penetrating deep inwards to see inner conflicts within our deeper selves.


exist12moon14No. before, I became aware that this bottle was going to be born, and at12moon14The day is realized, and the growth continues until the bottle is born. elves(Mab)Queen He is the queen of fairies, the queen of elves appears in many different theologies and works of art, Shakespeare mentions him in Romeo and Juliet, and is often mentioned in Irish legends asMab,Mabeh,Medbmavaeappears in the name of .MebKnown in Celtic as the goddess of fertility and sovereign war. In many books He is also said to have sexual strength and sovereign power.Percy Bysshe Shellye(Posey·Birch·Shelley) wrote a poem"elf queen"For the title of the epic, he called Him the Queen of Spells.


Percy Bysshe ShellyeConsidered unconventional, idealistic and avid vegetarian. He sees veganism as a way of life, a way of putting care in the little things, he recognizes the difference between loving animals and eating them, and challenges convention. Shelley's point of view is not only a political posturing, but also a socio-economic and earthly coexistence, a love of nature and animals, He found traditional forms of relationships very difficult to abide by. In other words, love is like the lower part of the bottle, allowing us to transcend our inertia, See your inner self.



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