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Divine Love #067

Divine Love #067

bottle name: Divine love, love in small things

Product number: 0067


color: Fuchsia/Fuchsia

when mixed together: Fuchsia

energy center: All energy centers, also known as "the eighth energy center"


theme: Spirituality in Action


positive personality: He is a very creative person, he always serves others. Act out of need, not in order to be accepted by others. Learn about the importance and value of the little things in life. Live your daily life very spiritually. Have a deep understanding and relationship with the earth. There is great love, and it is beyond the individual. Know the immortality of the soul and know that the only guarantee in life is change.


Aspects that can be improved: Tendency to excessive effort and work. It's easy to feel disappointed. Perceiving life is difficult. Because they don't get "enough love", they are desperately pursuing divine love. Hope that life can provide all the answers.


spiritual level: Helps you bring love to the little things in life. Connect you with your inner teacher. Stimulate awareness. Allow yourself to truly connect with spirituality. Dispels spiritual illusions.


psychological level: Increase concentration. Make you more peaceful and more patient. Helps fight feelings of depression, especially when related to a lack of love.


emotional level: Relieve the need to compare excessively with others. Make you see your true self. Bring tenderness into ardent emotion.


Application area: Any part of the body (can be used as skin care oil).


convinced: I am patiently waiting for God to appear in my life.

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