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Healing Wings #048

Healing Wings #048

color: Purple/transparent color

when mixed together: lavender

energy center: The seventh energy center (crown chakra)


theme: Find out your purpose in life

positive personality: The person's career is often related to spiritual healing, psychology, or psychotherapy. Love life and have a lot of energy to communicate with others. There is a deep belief in the heart, and it may be a very religious person. Feeling "one" with God and Being. Be aware of your purpose in life.


Aspects that can be improved: Often feeling misunderstood, feeling internally shocked, rarely having moments of peace. With a lot of frustration and resentment. I often say, "If I had..." and shift the responsibility for unhappiness to others and the environment. Have suicidal tendencies. Unable to use your talents and unable to express your talents.


spiritual level: Encourage you to experience a journey of thoroughly cleansing yourself, especially when you are in a "soul jam". Help you work hard to transform yourself and connect you with divine revelation. Helps overcome suicidal thoughts.


psychological level: Release the feeling of poverty. Make you realize that every moment can be celebrated and that everyday life is filled with wonder. Helps you focus on the important things and get them done.


emotional level: Release the feeling of inner emptiness. Bring accumulated tears to the surface, especially after the loss of a loved one.


Application area: Along hair edges; For hormone and back problems, also apply around stomach and abdomen at the same time.


convinced: I found joy because light nourished me.

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