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New message #024

New message #024

color: Purple/Blue Green

when mixed together:Purple

energy center: Fourth and seventh energy centers (heart and crown chakras)

theme: new possibilities


positive personality: He is a person who can teach students in accordance with their aptitude and has insights. Can awaken self-love in others. Possesses extraordinary personal qualities, integrity and maturity, with a focus on joy. Always looking for a challenge and willing to take it on. Creative and calm. Create harmony in the relationship between the sexes.


Aspects that can be improved: Easy to exaggerate troubles. Too much focus on the pain and distress of others. Self-deception also deceives others and is suspicious of others.


spiritual level: Aids in awakening, especially in relationships. Be honest in your spiritual quest. Helps to be aware of your self-deception. Helps you develop extrasensory abilities. Make you find your own way.


psychological level: Brings calm after emotional distress, and a clearer understanding of childhood issues. Help you face challenges. Enhanced ability to deal with authority. Help you interpret your dreams.


emotional level: Open up new dimensions of personal and business relationships. Heal emotional damage from elders or masculinity.


Application area: Around the heart; when there is a language barrier, it can be applied around the throat.


convinced: Open to all new opportunities in my life.

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