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Amberia Archangel of Peace #110

Amberia Archangel of Peace #110

color:light rose pink/deep purple

When mixed together:Fuchsia

Energy Center:First and all chakras (root chakras) and other energy centers)

theme:The Guardian Energy of Love and Kindness

Application area:any part of the body, especially the stomach and around the abdomen


Archangel Amberia is the zodiac ruler of the Twin Stars, associated with the Cosmic Christ and the Twin Stars (Light Star and Dark Star) of the Cosmic Christ.Because Amberia is the archangel of the zodiac that governs Gemini, we can think of her as a very light energy. She also has an airy quality that radiates quickly in all directions. Capable of penetrating the layers of the world with ease, while also being part of the water and nutrients of the earth.


Amberia is associated with communication on all levels and is traditionally seen as the guardian archangel, a guardian force that maintains clarity in communication. Amberia is also associated with non-judgmental awareness, which is perception without involuntary judgment; communication has to do with inner truth, and with an analytical ability that is non-judgmental.


Amberia gives us inspiration to communicate, inspiration to awaken our soul and direct our consciousness to our inner truth. A gentle archangel is someone who is "straightforward" in every way. Sometimes truth and clarity themselves seem to conflict energetically with the essence of untruth and clarity. Amberia tries to inspire more inspiration from within us, bring clarity, and clear up confusion and confusion. Amberia helps us reach beyond the inner polarities, instead of being with the conflicts that arise from confused identification, and helps us clarify the doubts and mistrusts that arise from fear. Just because the patterns are legacy and established norms doesn't mean they are unique.


As we test our essence, Amberia asks us to nourish what we already have, rather than resorting to tricks or tricks to show what we don't have. The subtleties of compassion, care, fondness and love are all supported by Amberia's essence, allowing us to realize and reach our inherent true nature. davidson in"Angel Book"said: "I'd rather be hurt by the truth than protected by a lie."


Amberia has another meaning - helping hidden talents - talents that are latent, untapped or developed. Amberia is also about the way we love, whether in a conscious or otherwise. This enlightenment to clarity makes love conscious and is the truth that Amberia is trying to inspire us with. If we try to truly love, it will test the breadth of our intelligence and the power we have. There is a proverb that says, "Love, for healing purposes, will bring forth all that is not love."


Another quality of Amberia is mysticism. The so-called mysticism refers to the inspiration that we reach the energy of love, maybe a mystical experience, and then it returns to us. Are we able to accept the times of sorrow as well as the times of joy. When the peace is there, we can truly love, which brings us the possibility of deeper understanding. Doing everything and then properly relaxing means letting go of struggle and tension. Relaxation leads to deeper concentration, and concentration leads to what we call meditation. Amberia is an inspirer who allows people to reach a deeper level of relaxation, to let go, and then to give deeper love and warmth. In this way, we can have insight through dreams or meditative experiences.

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