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Archangel Azreal #105

Archangel Azreal #105

color:Pearlescent Coral/Coral

When mixed together:coral

theme:Go beyond separation and touch the oneness by accepting the feminine side.


Application area:Around the stomach and abdomen.


Highlights of this bottle:Deep realization, ecstasy, exhilaration. Azreal brings us the possibility of true joy and grace. this bottle will

Healing the shock and the problems caused by racism allows us to restore wholeness and integration.


Features of this bottle:It helps to explore the dark side of each of us, that is, a part of us that is not recognized, a part that is denied and suppressed. This bottle brings us a healing opportunity, so that the parts that were originally under the shadow can return to the whole, so that we can have new insights and understandings and reach a state of ecstasy.

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