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Fraternity #036

Fraternity #036

color: Purple/Pink

when mixed together:Purple

energy center: 1st and 7th Energy Centers (Mahadha and Crown Chakras)


theme: spiritual love

positive personality: Awareness of one's purpose in life. No matter what you do, even when things are not going well, you have a clear idea of your inner purpose. Feeling connected to the Creator and loving in all things.


Aspects that can be improved: harbors a hidden sense of frustration. He feels that his mother does not love him, so he is very depressed. Obsessed with other people's love and care for him. Feeling uncomfortable in the flesh. Play the role of the victim in your life. Not living in the moment. Catch false hopes.


spiritual level: Helps you get in touch with your inner purpose, personal healing power and empowers you to be more present. Inspire a connection with the Creator, with all living beings, and with your own life purpose. Protects you from the spiritual confusion that can come from attending too many workshops or similar groups.


Psychological Level: Helps you overcome false hopes. Makes you look at life anew and appreciate it all over again. Helps prevent the mind from overly manipulating your "heart".


Emotional Level: Brings you more self-love. Relieves frustration and deep depression. To help you say yes to being here. Make it easier for you to approach new modes of identification. Let you make some positive changes.


Where to use: Everywhere on the body (e.g. around troublesome knees when needed.)


Affirmation: I love challenges in life.

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