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Mercy #035

Mercy #035

color: Pink/Purple

When mixed together:Purple

energy center: 1st and 7th Energy Centers (Mahadha and Crown Chakras)


theme: Closer to Spirituality through Love

positive personality: I experience deep satisfaction by helping others, and help myself at the same time. This person's thoughts are guided by love; a gentle, spiritual soul concerned with the well-being of humanity. Connect with love from "above"; have confidence and strength.


Aspects that can be improved: With unresolved frustration and anger from childhood. This person's help to others is based on self-centeredness. Easy to be controlled. Overly sensitive and prone to depression.


Spiritual level:Rejuvenate the helper. Keeps you from having too much aggressive energy. Refreshes the mind and soul. Build empathy for yourself and for others. Helps you connect with your purpose in life.


psychological level: Encourages you to accept yourself and develop your intuition. Be open to love. Ditch the "old tapes" that you have said to yourself or have been saying to you for a long time. Helps release over-sensitivity and self-love.


emotional level: Breaking old patterns of often feeling hopeless. Empowers you to deal with disappointment in love and extreme feelings of depression.


Application area: Around the whole body.


convinced: While healing others, I also healed myself.

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