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Money - The Result of Love

"Do you want to win the lottery?" Teacher Chou Ting Wen asked the students in the workshop. Teacher Chou said, "Most people would answer, 'Yes,' but with the thought, 'Ah! It's impossible for me.'" " This actually reflects the inner drive within people, which determines whether we can truly achieve what we desire. Teacher Hellinger talked about money in his book, "Stories of Success".  Money has a soul; it is a spiritual substance. Money is the result of love, so it rewards us after we have worked hard to achieve our goals. When people earn money through their hard work and success, money loves them. And because it is earned through their efforts, money stays with them. Money is meant to accomplish things; it is meant to be spent. When it is used for good, to support life, its returns multiply. Through this process, money forms a complete cycle of service, achievement, and acquisition. Can you keep up? If someone wins the lottery now, perhaps a million or more, would the money want to stay with that person? No, it never does. Only money earned through hard work can stay.  How did the global financial crisis come about? It's because there's a type of money that doesn't want to stay, because it didn't come from work.  When we work in organizations or companies, it's crucial to observe how money is earned. Is it earned through service? What happens to the money once it's earned? Then you'll see a cycle of money. Ultimately, it becomes a cycle of love and creativity. Through money, certain things are set in motion; money brings life to them and ensures their continuity. When we hold this love in our hearts, we become rich, and yet, no one becomes poor because of our wealth. 

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