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「讀懂孩子心世界:系統排列的力量」 線上三日工作坊
​Course information

"注入新的洞見 打開家庭教育的另一扇窗"
“Injecting new insights to discover another realm of family education”

What thoughts do you have on nurturing children? What would you like to give them as they start their life journey? Or otherwise, what have you once yearned for when you were a child? What did you look forward to the most? Besides money, material possessions and love, did you also notice a need for a sense of belonging, security and trust within yourself? 

There are many things that we want to give our children, but what they want is often simpler than what we give. As we tirelessly dedicate our time and energy, day and night, striving to provide our children with this and that, even going to great lengths to arrange their education, have we ever had a passing thought: Are there choices available for parents and children that are lighter in burden and more focused on the core issues, to allow children to naturally and happily journey towards success and happiness? 

90年代初期,在瑪莉安奶奶所屬國家的學校裡,有來自各地跨境、非本國語系、低收入的孩子,命運迫使他們面臨著各式家庭的解離、生存的掙扎與生活的挑戰,未來對於孩子們來說及其遙遠,而瑪莉安奶奶為了幫助孩子,便試著將她多年來學習「系統 」觀點 (systemic view) 所得到的遠見,逐一應用在她所服務的班級中,最後創造出了充滿愛與尊重的教室。
In the early 1990s, in the schools of the country where Grandma Marianne belonged, there were children from various backgrounds: children from other countries, non-native language speakers, and those from low-income families. Their fate forced them to face various family disintegrations, struggles for survival, and challenges in life. The future seemed distant for these children. In an effort to help them, Grandma Marianne tried to apply the knowledge she had gained from years of studying the "systemic view" to the classrooms she served. Eventually, she created a classroom filled with love and respect.

Every class was like a mini sandbox simulation, where the wisdom and principles of system thinking gradually unfold through the interaction of teachers, students, and parents. It expands into practical models that can be implemented in the classroom. This not only brings fundamental changes to the students, but also provides abundant benefits and rewards for the parents. It fosters an organic connection between the family and the school, allowing everyone involved to gain awareness and healing.  

"愛與智慧 搭起連結親子的幸福之橋"
"Love and Wisdom build the bridge of happiness that connects parents and children"

Over the course of 20 years, the seed of Grandma Marianne’s teaching career has blossomed and borne fruit. She documented her valuable teaching experience and published it as a book, sharing to the world about the path to happiness in education and parent-child relationships. At the same time, she has become one of the most renowned systemic constellation facilitators in the field of education and parent-child relationships.

Under her rich experience and guidance, she’s always able to trigger deep reflections in students, and accurately guide them on how to rediscover the original intention of love in their relationships. This allows them to feel supported by their family and feel the pulsating rhythm of life. Even the daunting issues of parent-child dynamics, viewed from a macro systemic perspective, become precious keys to unlocking long-hidden blessings and gifts originating from the depths of the ancient family souls.  

In the summer of 2023, TAOS Academy presents to you Ms Marianne Franke-Gricksch from Germany, to share with you the meticulous yet poetic exploration of relationships. Whether you have previously attended Grandma Marianne’s workshops, read her books, or are encountering her for the first time today, please seize this rare opportunity to learn directly from this internationally renowned teacher about the wisdom of parenting and family dynamics. Let the positive impact of her teachings that has brought happiness to many families enrich your journey of growth and transformation with your parents and children. 

「讀懂孩子心世界:系統排列的力量」 能給予您
 “Understanding Our Children’s Inner World: The Power of Systemic Constellation” Workshop can provide you:

Different perspectives on educational views and insights
Teacher Marianne had students in the past coming from various countries, bringing along their diverse family cultures. She gained a lot of valuable practical knowledge and insights through interacting with these families from diverse backgrounds for over 20 years. This has enabled her to offer a wider range of perspectives and accurate insights when addressing the various issues and challenges raised by her students!

Understand the parent-child bond and the dynamics of family relationships  
There are many subtle yet profound connections between children and parents, expressed through actions, words, and behaviors to convey emotions and the sense of belonging to the family. However, not all of these actions are presented in a positive manner. When we don't understand the truth behind these bonds, we may inadvertently cause the undesirable state of "there is love between us, but we constantly torment each other." In the class, we will learn how to understand the underlying truths behind these issues and restore the true nature of love.

See how System Psychodynamics function, transforming resistance into gifts of life
家族是一個連續的有機體,所有的發生都環環相扣,有時一個議題的因果並非只是眼前所見能界定的,透過系統動力(System Psychodynamics) 的爬梳,沿著生命的上游走,可以讓父母與孩子們從更寬廣的角度來了解當下從何而來,未來歸向何處,並在過去的誤區中去學習領悟,讓曾經的阻力轉化成未來超越的助力!
The family is a continuous living entity, where everything is interconnected. Sometimes, the causes and effects of an issue cannot be simply defined by what you can visibly see. Through the exploration of System Psychodynamics and uncovering the origins of life, parents and children can gain a broader perspective on where the present comes from and where the future leads. They can also learn and comprehend from past misconceptions, transforming previous obstacles into strengths to support the future!

✅釋放想像與創意 重拾生命活力
Unleash imagination and creativity, regaining vitality in life
Under social constraints and life’s pressures, people often forget that their inner selves and inspirations are limitless. As a result, they find themselves stuck in repetitive and rigid choices, trapped in old patterns. Through Teacher Marianne's intelligent and creative prompts, you can embark on a renewed inner journey filled with imagination. At the same time, you can try to explore the potential for transforming your life from the depths of your consciousness, creating a fresh space for your future dreams. Let life bring you more happiness and laughter!  

「讀懂孩子心世界:系統排列的力量」協助您掌握世代連結的要訣 增益家庭中愛的交流 
Understanding Our Children’s Inner World: The Power of Systemic Constellation - Assisting you to grasp the key to intergenerational connections and enhancing the communication of love within the family     

Be it for children or for you, home is always a personal safe haven. Through this workshop, you will learn the secrets of intergenerational connections and the techniques to achieve harmonious bonds. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the individual significance, and find your place and belonging in your own family, and tap into the strength from your ancestral family system. This will enable you and your children to live a life true to yourselves.

📚課程名稱Course Name:「讀懂孩子心世界:系統排列的力量」 線上三日工作坊 "Understanding Our Children’s Inner World: The Power of Systemic Constellation " Online Three-day workshop
👩‍🏫課程講師Workshop Facilitator : 瑪莉安.法蘭克 Marianne Franke-Gricksch
📅課程日期Date:2024/04/19(五Fri)-04/21 (日Sun)
⏰課程時間Time:13:00 - 21:00
📍課程地點Venue:Zoom 線上授課 Zoom meeting(Online)

🌸課程內容Course Outline:
① 找到產生親子議題的真正原因
Finding the real root causes behind parent-child issues
 ② 探索學習、教育、身心與親子關係的議題,清理舊有錯誤信念
Exploring topics related to learning, education, physical and mental well-being, and parent-child relationships. Clearing out old misconceptions.
 ③ 實際案例排列與生命法則學習
Practical systemic constellation of actual cases and the learning of Principles of Life
 ④ 相關的系統觀、生命法則學習與轉化困境的心法技巧傳授
Learning about systemic thinking, principles of life, and mental skills to overcome difficulties

The uniqueness of “Understanding Our Children’s Inner World: The Power of Systemic Constellation” Workshop
✅ 透過瑪麗安老師豐富的視角,賦予多元的思考方向
Teacher Marianne's rich perspective offers various ways of thinking
✅ 透過系統觀(Systemic Thinking)檢視全局,了解家庭中的挑戰與解決之道
Examine the bigger picture of the issue through Systemic Thinking, and gain insights into the challenges and solutions within the family
✅ 以生命法則 (Laws of Life) 來創造,達到借力使力、順勢而為的境界
To create and gain achievements by applying the Laws of Life, harnessing the power of synergy and going with the flow
✅ 家族&組織系統排列(Family&Systemic Constellation)個案學習,從真實角度獲得深刻領悟
Learning through case studies in Family & Systemic Constellation. Gain deep understanding from a genuine perspective
✅ 探索並釋放造成阻礙的家族黑洞或心靈空缺
Explore and release the obstacles caused by emotional voids and blind spots within the system

🌿「讀懂孩子心世界:系統排列的力量」適合誰?Who is this workshop suitable for? 
🎯 渴望美好家庭的人 People who yearn for a happy family
🎯 想要學習新的教育技巧的人 People who want to learn new educational skills
🎯 想要改善父母/親子關係的人 People who want to improve relationships with the parents/children
🎯 想要與親子間拉近距離的人 People who want to forge a closer parent-child relationship
🎯 遇到孩子教養問題的人 People facing parenting issues with their child
🎯 想要了解更多親子間內在狀態的人 People who want to understand more about the inner dynamics between parents and children  

If you are of any of the following identities, we highly recommend you to come and learn:
🎯在家中身負主要親子教育責任的人 The person primarily responsible for parenting in the household
🎯 在家中身為上一代與下一代溝通橋樑的人 The person who serves as a bridge of communication between the older and younger generations at home
🎯 從事教育相關領域工作的人The person engaged in education and related fields
🎯 心理、社工、助人工作等相關領域工作者及學 Psychologists, social workers, individuals in helping professions and related fields, and students
If you simply just want to learn and improve, we also welcome you to attend this workshop. This workshop explores the core of family and organizational relationships. Even if you don't have specific issues or work in the relevant fields, you can still gain tremendous benefits and personal growth from it.

💐瑪麗安·法蘭克——德國海寧格國際大會必邀的講師,著有書作《當我們同在一起》 Marianne Franke-Gricksch – A distinguished speaker at the Hellinger International Conference in Germany, and author of the book “When We Are Together” 

💐1942年在德國慕尼克出生,她是兩個孩子的母親。 在經過25年的教學生涯后,開始接受心理治療與家族系統排列的訓練與實務操作。 學習過程中深受海靈格系統排列的影響,思索並嘗試將系統觀念傳遞給年經的孩子們,瑪莉安目前有自己的工作室,進行心理治療與家族治療的工作。 現今她是帶領家族系統排列的著名導師之一,提供團體課程與個別會談。 她的工作特別著重在學校老師與治療 師的督導、還有針對約16-22歲的年輕人以系統取向的方式帶領團體。
Born in Munich, Germany in 1942, she is the mother of two children. After a career in teaching that spanned 25 years, she started receiving training and practical experience in psychotherapy and family constellation. During the learning process, Marianne was deeply influenced by the Hellinger Systemic Constellation and reflected on how to pass on systemic concepts to the younger generation. Currently, Marianne has her own private clinic that offers psychotherapy and family therapy. In addition, she is currently one of the renowned instructors leading family constellation, and offers group and individual consultations. Her work is particularly focused on the supervision of school teachers and therapists, as well as leading groups with a systemic orientation, for young people around the age of 16 to 22 years old. 

Marianne is currently one of the best teachers in the field of parent-child systemic constellation

Renowned parent-child systemic constellation facilitator in Germany

💐海靈格先生曾這樣寫道:「兩年前,瑪莉安. 法蘭克寄了幾篇她的報告給我,內容是她在學校處理困難學生的經驗。 我讀了這些文章,看到她對學生和家長的説明,深深為她的愛心以及這種幫助的簡單而有效而感動。 那時候我告訴她:「你一定要把這些經驗寫成書!
” Mr Hellinger once wrote, “Two years ago, Marianne Franke-Gricksch sent me several reports about her experience dealing with difficult students in school. After reading them and looking at the explanations towards her students and parents, I was deeply moved by her kindness and the simplicity and effectiveness of her help. At that time, I told her: "You must write these experiences into a book!"

💐華人世界首位家族系統排列師周鼎文老師推薦:「瑪莉安是我最敬重的國際系統排列導師之一。 透過她,我學習到了如何活用系統排列於親子教育與兒童教育,尤其是透過遊戲的方式,教導孩子提高學習興趣、安定情緒、學會尊敬父母,這些都讓我深感敬佩。 強烈推薦希望孩子更好的父母和老師們! 一定要參加的一堂課!
” The first systemic constellation facilitator in the Chinese-speaking world, Mr Chou Ting-wen commended and recommended Marianne, “Marianne is one of the international systemic constellation instructors I respect the most. Through her, I have learned how to use systemic constellation in parenting and childhood education, especially through the use of games. Teaching children to enhance their interest in learning, stabilize their emotions, and respect their parents through these methods have deeply impressed me. I strongly recommend parents and teachers who want their children to be better to attend her class!”

Marianne’s work “When We Are Together” is acclaimed as a must-read system psychology book for parents, teachers and children.


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