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About Taos Education

[Daoshi Education] is an internationally renowned systematic arrangement instructor - Mr. Zhou Dingwen. With the goal of establishing an international growth university for body and mind, it is an applied psychology education and training institution that combines modern psychology, systematic arrangement and the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Since its establishment, it has adhered to the " Serving life" aims to provide the most professional family education, life education, entrepreneur courses, social elite education, mental health consultation and system arrangement and other growth course services.


[Daoshi Education] was formerly known as [Taiwan Haininger Institute] and the International Systematic Arrangement Institute. The systematic arrangement training course provided by the company is recognized by the German Society for Systematic Arrangement. Over the past 20 years, it has cultivated many mindfulness professionals in Asia, including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries and regions. The system arrangement tutor is well-known in the Chinese world for providing high professional quality system arrangement services.


In addition to organizing professional workshops, growth classes and professional training courses, corporate training courses, online courses, etc. organized by domestic and foreign lecturers, the company also introduces more professional courses in different fields such as trauma healing. The students come from Chinese all over the world. The company aims to promote personal growth, family happiness and harmony, and social human harmony, and expects to create a safe, healthy and joyful life for the next generation.

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